Facebook Change Its Name To Meta: Will That Change Anything For The Facebook Users?

Facebook Change Its Name To Meta

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, stated in the Facebook’s connect event that he is changing the name of the company to Meta, Meta Platform Inc.

The new brand brings together all of its products, services, and technologies under the wing of a new brand. If you think that the change in band name will change your Facebook experience, do not worry! Everything related to Facebook applications will remain the same.

The major driving force for Zukerberg to change its brand name is that the Facebook brand defines only the Facebook application. But he believes that they have long passed that phase. Today they have become a brand that creates technologies to connect people. And the Metaverse is the next frontier to achieve their goals.

How The Facebook Rebranding Will Affect Facebook Users?

Facebook;’s name change brings a lot of questions about whether the social media application will change for the user or not. And the answer is NO! Mark Zukerberg has made it clear that he is only changing the brand’s name. All the other services will be untouched and hence, will perform as they usually do.

Facebook applications will remain the same. There will be no new features and layouts. In fact, the outline to use Facebook will remain the same. Furthermore, the name change will not affect other applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

Was This A Right Decision?

We only time will tell whether or not Mark Zukerberg has made the right decision. With the recent scandal going with the whistleblower, both Facebook and its CEO don’t have any social value. There have been allegations that Facebook has prioritized profit over social harm.

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