Terms of Use


At SEO Growth Engine, we offer link-building, content marketing, guest posting, and other related services. As a service partner or client, you shall agree with the following conditions provided in our elaborate “Terms Of Use” section. 

Our Services 

The core services of SEO Growth Engine may include (but will not be limited to) – 

  • Generate submission and placement report. 
  • Curate written and visual content for our clients’ websites (including – blogs, articles, infographics, etc.)
  • Fetch professional bloggers and writers for publishing content to promote a specific brand or organization 
  • Propagating link popularity and authority by obtaining backlinks from different high-quality websites 

Kindly contact us through email or our website to learn more about our services. 


  • At SEO Growth Engine, we will uphold complete confidentiality of every discussion with our client. So, there is no need to worry about disclosing your personal information or conditions to any third-party individual or organization. So, we would expect our clients to follow the same notion during our collaboration period.
  • SEO Growth Engine reserves the right to make or moderate changes to critical details, keywords, and anchor texts of a blog. 
  • We will not be held responsible if our client uses any third-party service that may redirect to “bad neighbourhoods” or supposed “link farms.” We will not oversee anything after we have delivered our services. However, if you need any changes or alterations to the given content, you can definitely contact us. 
  • SEO Growth Engine will not be liable for any losses or damages to the client’s website due to using other third-party services. Even if any incidental or consequential issue occurs, you have to take complete responsibility for it. 
  • SEO Growth Engine will not hold any authority regarding the changes occurring in SEO regulations or the exclusion of your website from the search engine directories. 

Non-Disclosure Policy 

  • We maintain uttermost confidentiality regarding client information. Hence, you can expect us to share the necessary job work only if it’s indispensable. Of course, we’ll take your consent before that to perpetuate complete transparency. 
  • The electronic agreement paper shared between SEO Growth Engine, and the client will stand valid alongside your autonomous consent. 
  • You cannot consider this agreement to be considered as an NDA unless both the client and SEO Growth Engine enter into such a legal consensus in written form. 

Termination Of The Available Agreement 

  • Any content that endorses racism, hate, product, animal abuse, or defamation aimed at any community or person will be referred to as offensive. So, if we find something as such from our client’s request, we reserve the right to terminate the contract. In addition, our customers will be responsible if any consequential loss occurs. 
  • If our client is involved in any offensive or illegal websites, the agreement between them and SEO Growth Engine will be null. It is an ethical measure that we will maintain throughout the duration of our client’s project. 


We would ask you to contact us at SEO Growth Engine if you are unsure about our “Terms Of Use” section. We will also help you understand the nature of your order and abide by our rules while you’re placing them.