Privacy Policy

Here, at SEO Growth Engine, we are utterly committed to protecting the information that we collect from our visitors and clients. It’s essential for us to maintain a transparent relationship with our clientele and, therefore, we’d do everything to prevent data leakage. To convey our viewpoint and commitment in this regard, we’ll outline how and why we collect information from our users here. This section will also shed light upon the way we safeguard your data. So, we’d ask you to kindly go through the whole written segment to understand our policies. 


Information Our Users Provide To Us 

At SEO Growth Engine, we receive and store almost any kind of information our users provide to us. For instance, while registering with us, you have to provide your name, device ID, email address, third-party account details, etc. Other specific information might also be needed to take advantage of our features and services. 

By providing us with all this information knowingly, you agree to our policy of collecting, using and disclosing the data. 


Automatically Accumulated Information

Usually, we will only collect your personal information when using our website’s features or services. However, when you visit our website, some data gets accumulated automatically. The list may include – 

  • Your IP address 
  • Browser ID 
  • Information about your operating system 
  • Other details regarding how you were using our website (including the usage of language)

We may also receive data while you are using our services and keep it stored in our logs. The collected information will help us improve our services and offer you a more personalized user experience. 

Our automated information accumulation procedure usually works through the following methods – 

  • Cookies

We, and our third-party partners, generally utilize cookies and other similar tracking technologies to administer our website, evaluate consumer trends, etc. In addition, it also helps us in garnering demographic data of our client base. Remember, our third-party partners may also use cookies to collect information about you to promote their services or advertise something. So, if you don’t want us to collect your information in this manner, you may restrict this tracking feature through your browser. However, it may affect your user experience severely, as we won’t be able to personalize any of our features for you. 

  • Web Beacons 

At SEO Growth Engine, we use web beacons both on our emails and websites. It helps us track the behavior of our consumers (like if they’re opening our emails or not) when we send an email to them. This way, we can predict how to approach you in the best manner possible. When you open our emails, we may collect information regarding your IP address, email client, and other similar details. The data is primarily used to evaluate how our email campaigns are performing. 

  • Information Collected From Other Sources 

We may collect a little more information about you from other sources, such as – 

  • Your social media website (if you have connected the same with us)
  • By searching on the internet 
  • From our third-party partners 

This data is generally referred to as “additional information” and will not include anything personal at all.

Keep In Mind: We might try to communicate with you only if you have provided us the means to do so. For example, if you have given us your email, we may send promotional texts or updates of new services through it. So, if you do not want to receive these emails, you may consider unsubscribing this procedure. 


How Do We Use The Collected Information?  

At SEO Growth Engine, we collect only basic information about our website’s visitors. The list may include – 

  • Your name 
  • The name of your organization (if any)
  • Your email address
  • Your organization’s address 
  • VAT number (if applicable) 

We usually use this data to – 

  • Deliver targeted advert to improve our website’s customized user experience 
  • Provide updates and notifications regarding our services or your purchases
  • Send information concerning any new updates to our website (only if you permit us to do so) 
  • Bill and collect the amount of money our clients owe to us (including invoices, mails, delinquency notices, receipts, etc.)
  • Send various system alert messages (such as permanent or temporary changes to our services, new features, abuse warnings, version updates, etc.)
  • Meet our local and international legal requirements 
  • Prosecute and defend an arbitration, court, and any other similar legal proceeding 
  • Communicate with our consumers and help them out accordingly with their queries 
  • Transfer the required information regarding a merger, sale, or consolidation

Remember: We may sometimes reveal your information to our third-party partners for business proceedings. In some cases, it might also be offered to the service providers to provide a personalized experience. Nevertheless, we’ll surely let you know all about it before we do so. If you do not permit us to share the details, we will keep everything private for the foreseeable future. 


Other Critical Information Regarding Our Privacy Policy 

This section will contain some details with regards to the other aspects of our privacy policy. So, kindly go through them to help us maintain the service provider-client transparency. 

  • Public Information

There are several blogs and other informational posts available on the official website of SEO Growth Engine. And each of them has a comment section of their own. It can help you connect with us and clear up any queries. However, you might also try conversing with other users through the comments. 

But, remember, if you share any of your personal information here, it may get released publicly, and other users may start misusing it. So, we would urge you not to write anything in the comment section that might indirectly harm you! 

  • Communicational Content

While sending a communication to us, it may bounce from one server to another. So, the administrators from other servers can read everything. So, if you are writing an email to us, try not to include any personal information in it. Just jot down your queries, add a subject, and send it to us. We’ll get back to you right away. If you want to connect with us, contact us here –

  • Breach Of Security 

If any security breach occurs on our website, we’ll let you know about it instantly. There will also be a report about the actions we have taken sent to you. There is no need to worry about leaking your personal information, as it will be stored elsewhere. 

  • Data Accuracy and Maintaining Transparency 

We’ll always do our best to keep all of your information up-to-date and accurate. However, we can only maintain transparency if you keep us updated about your personal details. For example, if you change your email, you will need to notify us about it or change it on our website. Otherwise, your overall user experience will be hampered. 

Remember: We will keep your information as long as your account is active on our website. If you decide to delete it or unsubscribe from our services, we will be obliged to remove any data you have shared with us. However, if you misuse our services or cause harm to our website, we’ll use the automatically-collected information to take legal actions against you. 

  • “Do Not Track” Policy

Your browser might come with a “do not track” feature, which can be used for disabling cookies or other related technologies. Nonetheless, if you block these services, we won’t be able to provide you with a well-maintained and personalized experience. 

  • Security 

When creating an account, you will have to curate a password and username for it. These are highly confidential information and, therefore, should not be revealed to anyone else. So, if you write it down in our website’s comment section and someone steals it from you, we won’t be responsible for that. 

  • Governing Law 

The “Privacy Policy” section of SEO Growth Engine has been curated following the local and international regulations. So, as a user, you must adhere to them and help us maintain a transparent and friendly relationship with you. 

  • Rules For Children 

Due to federal regulations, we cannot use or collect information of any child under 12. So, if we become aware that we have unknowingly done something as such, we will remove the data right away. 


Changes To Privacy Policy

As the owner of SEO Growth Engine, we reserve the right to make any amendments and changes to our “Privacy Policy” section. If we make any significant changes, we will notify you about it after the website’s live. However, sometimes, it might not be possible for us to let everyone be aware of the new alterations. So, we would heartily request you to check our privacy section at least once while visiting us. 


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